Kiehl’s skincare review

Hey my loves, i’m really excited to share a skin care review of Kiehls using products from their Ultra Facial range as well as concentrates to help battle my dull dry skin. I’ve been cleansing, toning and moisturising regularly for the past 2 weeks and have blown away by the results!

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser – This cleanser claims, “to thoroughly cleanse skin and remove makeup, without over – drying or stripping skin of its natural oils” Since I’ve been using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish for 5 years now, I was reluctant in trying a new cleanser however, overall im really pleased with how smooth hydrated and plump my skin feels. After working the cleanser into my face i either wash it off or use my N0.7 beautiful skin brush for a deep clean (I’ve recently bought this brush, a review will be up on my instagram page very soon!) With the Cleanse and Polish, I could easily use that on my eyes and remove any stubborn liner or glitter, however this isn’t suitable for the eye area which is a bit of a deal breaker and something I have to consider before buying again.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner – I’ve always been used to a light watery toner, this is a little thick but I love how it feels after cleansing, it doubles up the moisture in my skin so its perfect before a concentrate or a moisturiser. I WISH I took before and after shots, im kicking myself. 2 weeks ago my skin had dry patches, it was flaky, it was dull and I had quite a lot of redness under my nose and my cheeks. Now I get compliments saying my skin looks clean, it looks fresh! Im not a skincare expect so im not sure which product caused the dramatic change to my skin, but i’ll 100% be sticking to the cleansing, toning and moisturising products to keep my skin at this level.

Over the past few years ive suffered from a skin picking disorder caused by stress at a time where I was at a low point in life. I didn’t know it was a “thing” until i researched skin picking and eventually controlled my bad habit. Consequently, picking my skin has left scars and ive struggled to diminish them. Towards the end of 2017, my bad habit flared up again and i kept picking my dry skin on my cheek. It left a lot of redness on my cheek and pimples that just wouldn’t go and it became a struggle to cover it with makeup. Again, i wish i took before and after shots as not only has the redness significantly reduced, the tiny pimples have disappeared too in just 2 weeks. My cheek looks absolutely normal as if it hasn’t gone through skin picking and redness! Looking at how healthy my skin looks now, its really motivated me to keep my bad habit under control


The side of my cheek that is affected – In 2 weeks the redness, annoying pimples and texture has gone down. My cheek feels smooth with just a bit of scarring left that’s easy to just conceal

Ultra Facial Cream – Although my Liz Earle moisturiser keeps my dry skin at bay i wanted something stronger to combat my dry patches and the dry skin on my hands. Using this cream is probably my favourite step, it gives you the most perfect smoothing and moisturising finish to the skin. The cream itself isn’t too thick and heavy but its very smoothing and at the end of this routine my skin is glowing,  its even and it feels amazingly clean

Concentrates – I bought the Midnight recovery concentrate which is very popular as it claims to, ” give you younger looking skin by morning. It regenerates, repairs and replenishes skin for a smoother healthier look” Ive tried a few facial oils etc; and haven’t really noticed much a difference. The Midnight recovery is to be used before moisturising and ideally before bed. I will say that it did help me fall asleep quicker once because it smells so luxurious and dreamy, i like how it sinks into the skin but still leaves a bit of a shine. I suffer from terribly dry skin in the winter so seeing  a shine is a miracle for me. Im not sure about the younger looking skin claim but usually when i wake up, my nose is a bit oily and my skin looks a bit dull. However, with this i notice a slight change. My skin isn’t that dry and its a little smooth. It is really the tiniest change, but i do enjoy applying it and hopefully in time, i’ll notice a bigger difference.


It’s said that the Midnight recovery works best with the daily reviving concentrate to, “strengthen skin’s defences against daily aggressors to keep skin youthful and radiant looking all day”. I’m all for the radiant skin claim, i use this before moisturising in the day, 2 or 3 times a week and i love the glow it gives. I wouldn’t recommend using every time you cleanse etc; but using this a few times a week will make your skin look energised and healthy!

And that brings us to the end of the review guys, im so glad i found a skincare regime that tackles my problems. I’ll still be using my Liz Earle Cleanser for when i need to remove heavy eye makeup. However, if your looking to switch up your usual routine, i suggest doing some research about your skin first, and you’ll know what your skin needs. Do plenty of research of the new products and even take an hour talking to the staff at the skincare counter if you have to. The more you know, the better products you will buy, and the better results. I’ve also added some changes into my diet for example drinking a lot more water than i used to, eating clean and cutting down on oily foods, which may have contributed to the overall effect. Skincare is only part of the equation, looking after yourself is just as important! Kielhs is a bit on the high end side, but I’ve never had results like this and since my wedding is coming at me fast, I need to be shining! So for me, its worth the price tag.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products mentioned. See you in my next post!

Love from Sahibah x

One brand review – Makeup Revolution

Hey my loves, im back with another one brand review, this time reviewing a brand im not too familiar with – Makeup Revolution! Its a brand I like keeping updated with online but always walk past their stand at the drugstore, and not really have any products from. Makeup Revolution has recently been the talk of the beauty world lately with all their new exciting releases, so I thought to give my opinion on some products which caught my eye!

I’ve heard so many positive reviews about eyeshadow palettes from this brand. The Iconic Fever palette is the one that looked the most appealing with all the lovely warm mattes and shimmers!


Iconic fever palette, (£4, Available from Superdrugs)


With flash



Without flash


SWATCHES – The swatches of the matte shades were a little disappointing. Swatches from the lighter transitional shades turned out to be patchy whereas the darker shades turned out to be a little richer in pigment. However, the shimmer shades look beautiful  and swatch beautifully too. The shimmers are pigmented and have a grainy buttery feel and the shades look amazing!

APPLICATION – For an easy smokey eye, where I would pat either a dark transition shade or a brown shade on the centre on my lid and blend outwards and use a shimmer shade right in the centre of the lid, the shadows work great. They blend quite well. However, when i tried a cut crease, the matte shadows don’t blend into each other when I layer them for definition for the crease. The shadows are patchy and separate even after blending so for a more creative eyelook, the shadows don’t work that well. I feel this palette is great for an everyday eye with some gorgeous shimmers at such a great price at only £4, but it would at the bottom of my palettes to use for a heavier eyelook.

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define in C5 (£4, Available from Superdrug)


Even while I was away on holiday, I managed to hang onto the online buzz about these concealers! The formula claims to be lightweight with full coverage to cover blemishes, dark circles and even out skin tone with a soft matte finish. I absolutely love and root for drugstore concealers, one of my go to’s is the Maybelline fit me for both concealing, highlighting and contouring. Getting hold of this in store was nearly impossible as it was sold out everywhere, so I got C5 and C15 to contour (which was unfortunately was way too dark for my skintone, and I should really stick to shade matching myself in store, I always mess up online😩). The packaging is sleek, I also love how affordable it is which makes it easier to stock up! The large doe foot applicator makes application so easy and so smooth, perfect for days for when I can use this as foundation. I didn’t notice the concealer settling into my fine lines to where it looks obvious that it has so I was pleased about that. Overall I think its a great product to stock up on, and i’ll definitely by stocking up on C5 as well as lighter shades to highlight with!

Finding the right concealer or the right foundation online can be a bit of pain, especially when like me shade matching online doesn’t always work out. So I’ve found a foundation guide that helps you in shade matching as well comparing over 700 foundations from different brands, so you get the perfect fit for you! Just click on this link for all your foundation needs!

Makeup Revolution HD Pro Powder Contour Light Medium (£8, Available from Superdrug)


Makeup Revolution offers a whole range of different powder and cream contour palettes, but this one looked it could replace my old but gold Kat Von D shade and light palette. The swatches were disappointing and not as pigmented as I hoped it to be. Its also the same for application, I had to keep dipping my brush into the contour shades multiple times just to get a very light dull looking bronzer and contour. The banana shade at the end performed slightly better than the rest, but overall its a pretty disappointing contour palette and one I wont be using again

Makeup Revolution Dark Brown Brow Pomade ( £6, Available from Superdrug)

I picked up a brow pomade for times when my brows are a little messy and so need something more than a pencil to neaten them up. Im not a big fan of pomade’s but they do an excellent job of getting a “snatched brow” (which is perfect for special occasions, not really my style on a daily basis) For only £6, its a great pomade that does the job, and using my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow brush in 12, I can get great looking brows from a pomade that will last me a good time!



Makeup Revolution Iconic Matte Nude Lipstick in Inclination (£3, Available from Superdrug)

Last but not least, I grabbed a gorgeous pinky nude from their ranges of lipsticks. Im not a fan of the packaging, the formula is creamy and it has good staying power. For just £3 its a great buy as well as other lip kits, glosses and more lipsticks to stock up on!


And that is the end to this review guys, im glad that I finally got to try out Makeup Revolution, i was both shocked and suprised thinking where have i been all this time!  Its also made me want to try out more drugstore brands ive never tried so let me in the comments what brand you would like to read a review on!

See you in my next post guys!

Love from Sahibah x